why does it take so long to receive the bong I have already paid?

because the bong is done by the master glass maker at time of order, they are not mass produced pieces , any piece is unique and unrepeatable, time is synonymous with quality and we are very keen that our items are top quality

I ordered a bong with a height of 40 but finished higher / lower than 2 cm. why?

height, thickness of the glass, the hue of colors, are at the discretion of the master glassmaker, if you want a standard bong’re not us who have to look, for us are works of art

I broke the “bracerino” bong, what shall I do?

look on the website and pick what you like best … .the next time be careful

how can I be informed about new products?

subscribe to the newsletter, you will be informed first of the innovations that’ll do for the world of the smoker ….

I got the bong broken, is it your fault or the courier?

just because the bong has a value, insurance will cover for the entire amount, just take a picture and send it to us by email, so you can be sure that our coverage has held to the standards required by us. Obviously the pictures must be taken immediately upon receipt of the goods and sent. We have the tracking in the next 24 hours.

Why do you have such high prices?

The millennial history of Murano glass may already be a complete answer, if you add the fact that you have a unique work of art, signed by a master glassmaker with the guarantee that it was made in Murano, I think is more than enough.

how to contact you?

you can use email, info@420muranoglassi.it or the menu contact form, or find us on all the major social networks.


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