We are ready to begin this great adventure.

420muranoglass started as a collaboration between three friends whose aim was to launch a new collection of bongs featuring an unique design and world class materials, created by artists trained in an institution that holds hundreds of years of tradition.

Davide is the “mad man” of the company, he is the one with the smarts but unfortunately he can’t always see things through.

Enrico is the pragmatic of the group, his focus is on sales and company bureaucracy.

Stefano is the computer expert, he is in charge of web design and social media marketing.

Our goal is to be the new force to be reckoned with in the bong’s global trade.

We know how bold our endeavour might seem, but we believe we can create products of an unparalleled quality, 100% handmade in Italy.

The Made in Murano trademark is the best quality assurance in the market of freeblown glass.

With this blog we will provide you with the latest news, inspire you and incite you to take a stroll with us in the wonderful world of bongs.

Happy reading and happy smoke to everyone!

420muranoglass valued staff.

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